Stalking Can Be Fun!


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It’s legal and highly recommended!  No, I’m not referring to the kind of stalking Brian Cashman recently experienced. I’m talking about growing one’s social media networks.

The good news, it’s possible to gain access to key contacts by avidly ‘stalking’ them via twitter, facebook, blogs or anywhere else they publish publicly on the internet. They will actually appreciate your interest when commenting on a post, re-tweeting or clicking on their “Like” button. After all, you’ll be helping them “spread their message,” according to Jeff Gitomer, as he reports in his book, Social Boom! 

By stalking, I mean of course to actively stay abreast, follow and respond to the content of the folks with whom you wish to connect. If creating new business by reaching decision makers and other key influencers is your goal, Gitomer states cold calling is a thing of the past.

“Social media is about establishing a relationship online and telling your story,” says Debbie Dimoff, vice president, consulting, PwC.  She goes on to underscore a key tactic, “ is about building relationships gradually and authentically—much as a small business would do through its personal interaction with customers.”

PR Newswire, a leading news distribution service, offers the following article, Effective PR Isn’t About Eyeballs – It’s About Engagement by Sarah Skerik.  Ms. Skerik writes that accessing networks of people interested in your message has never been easier.  When one responds to a message, sources take note and monitor who “takes an additional step after consuming the content”. 

As an example, in my business as a media relations provider, I want journalists to know that I follow their reports, so I will often comment online. When it comes time for me to pitch them a story, they are more likely to consider my request.

“Here’s looking at you, kid.” 

Stalkers like to listen, but they love to look. Pinterest is quickly becoming another must use social media network, according to a report from Jason Falls of Entrepreneur magazine. This picture sharing site offers images created by businesses that inspire comments and can quickly go viral. Note that offering value and not just promotional messaging still applies when choosing what to post or pin(terest).

 By stalking with comments, you also improve your own SEO (search engine optimization), reports SEO Tips Australia.  Increasing your own visibility on the web will draw new business connections to you.                               (Thank you HAL)

For more information on this strategy, check out Hidden Secrets of Generating Traffic by Kim Mullette. 

So let’s give you a chance to practice right here and now!

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  1. The notion that, for the most part we’ve ALL become stalkers is terribly funny, a little bit shocking – and true. But since the humor in this post makes the whole weird social media shebang even seem kind of attractive, you have re-inspired me to stalk on and “stay abreast!” (for a while anyway.) Bless you!

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