Storytelling – The Second Oldest Profession

When you think about it, storytelling might be the oldest profession.  Even if no words were exchanged, the provider was communicating a very exciting story to attract clients.  (“If you need some meat, give me a call.”)

To be successful, the storyteller has always had to have a great narrative to share, plus the ability to craft the telling in a seductive manner.                

Those who could tell their stories the best attracted the biggest crowds.


Yet, the telling is only half of the process if the message is going to spread.

And since good storytelling depends on our ability to first hear what makes our clients unique, listening is a skill that we take very seriously here at Spindell Media Relations.

Storytelling —

First you tell us yours.   We listen.

Then we ask questions.  We listen.

Next, we tell your stories to the key people who will be interested. 

Those people share your story with the people you want to reach and the conversation begins.

What began as your story becomes… a relationship.

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