Your Digital Cookbook






Many businesses struggle to provide compelling content for social media platforms. Yet they recognize the need to effectively engage their digital marketplace in order to grow and expand.

Social status updates are not best utilized for direct selling. One wouldn’t go up to a person at a cocktail party and immediately offer to sell them a product before you’ve introduced yourself and built a relationship. After all it is called Social Media and manners do apply.

One of the best ways to attract and secure a dedicated digital community is to offer value. The best value you have at your disposal is your expertise.

Give your expertise away and people will value the giver.

When a master chef shares recipes, we all salivate at the thought of dining on a sumptuous meal. We love the photo of the seasonal dish the chef provides. To empower us she provides the exact ingredients, measurements, cooking strategies and cheers us on.

Some of us even dare to cook this edible feast at home. We may or may not be successful. We do remember the chef and most certainly the name of her restaurant.

When the time comes we wish to guarantee the outcome and dine gloriously without the personal effort or risk, we book a reservation.

Share the recipes from your professional digital cookbook and your constituents will seek you out when they are reading to dine out.


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